We’re ready to collaborate with you from both a big picture and on-the-ground point of view, designing and installing secure tailored IoT solutions that deliver enhanced realtime data assessment. Explore what you can expect from our solutions, then get in touch to find out more.
Collaborative site installation and ongoing support
AdvanceSite™ will work alongside you and your team to provide an end-to-end solution from design, hardware, communications, software through to ongoing technical support.
This includes:
  • Presenting you with options and case studies
  • Working with you to develop a clear brief (internal and external clients)
  • Site visits to determine exact requirements to fulfil the brief
  • Designing solutions to ensure your operations are compliant, meeting consent conditions, standards and legislation
  • Connectivity considerations and options for isolated areas
  • Product development working with vendors to meet specific requirements of the brief
  • Site installation within a reasonable timeframe, to be agreed upon by you
  • Ongoing support where required, and as per contractual obligations.
Agnostic advantage through managed vendor relationships
By working with a number of vendors we ensure our offering includes a variety of product options to meet client requirements. This will include vendors that we have an established relationship with, and new vendors that are able to provide market-leading solutions.
Risk assessed and fully tested
Our vendor relationships will be risk assessed and managed, ensuring our clients are protected. This will include research, development and testing prior to deployment and a multiple tender strategy when contracting a vendor.
Dynamic ‘plug and play’ platform
The AdvanceSite™ platform offers market leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT for real-time monitoring, control and predictive analytics with a proven track record for secure, reliable and accurate data capture and display.
Fully customisable
The advantage is that it is device agnostic and gives us the ability to “plug-and-play”, meaning that we can plug in a data feed from any sensor or data source, therefore adapting the dashboard to create a custom solution for any client.

Our IT Digital Team provides in-house support and custom dashboard creation based on brief. You will be able to access your dashboard via the client portal on the AdvanceSite™ website.
Robust hardware development & management
Your sensors will have been tested rigorously to ensure that they are fit for purpose and able to be managed at scale once deployed. In some cases, multiple sensors for the same use case will be trialled and the appropriate sensor selected for a use case depending on the site conditions and availability of communications.
Proven processes
Our management processes, like our hardware, are robust and rigourous. We put proven systems in place that ensure you get the data you need when you need it to keep the road ahead safe for all concerned.
Agile research and development
Being agile means we can meet the changing needs of a client, and adapt as new technology is developed. Our projected resourcing requirements allow for research and development to meet this need.
Ongoing market awareness
Although initial projects for AdvanceSite™ will focus on IoT solutions, we will also offer look to offer other technology solutions to meet market demand.

This will require ongoing market awareness, research and maintenance of domestic and international relationships.
Secure solutions you can trust​
Our solutions offer the latest security features, ensuring your data is kept safe. Our data is available when needed, maintains integrity through distribution, and is confidential, only accessible to those that are given access through the AdvanceSite™ platform.
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